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Here's a few sites which I have extremely useful in my journey over the last year. I've also added a few people who have been super helpful sharing their skills with me.


Sam Waterhouse who co-wrote my book with me, tested my recipes and is now a Nutritional Therapist.


ME sufferers can often have candida and so by tackling the candida first they can help thenselves to feel better through diet.


Well being coach and amazing Yoga/ Pilates teacher, Nicolette Wilson


A really useful link which covers to eat and not not eat. Don't forget different things work for different people


Helped me on my journey into cooking with coconut flour


A little background reading on Xylitol and a few recipes too.


A fantastic resource of alternative foods, recipes and help


This is where i found Gosia, my amazing nutritionist. They also do a loyalty card so if you are doing a big supplement shop you get a discount.


Sid Betty, Precision Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer: For personal nutritional advice for optimal performance and fat loss and personal training


If you like the photos then you'll love our photographer.

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