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I'm a very lucky lady, one of my PT clients who is now a great friend too, Sam Waterhouse, is a fantastic chef. My partner, Sid Betty, is a Precision Nutrition Coach, so between us we have built a collection of recipes which I can honestly say I have eaten and enjoyed every one of them! I hope you will too. They have also been tested on Energie Forest Hill members, Virgin Active Islington members and many of my friends and family.

The full collection of my recipes so far, Sugar Free ME, is now available for you to buy as an Ebook. Here's a few of my favorites.

These are just a couple of teasers but if you would like to find more sugar free, gluten free, yeast  free and dairy free recipes then do check out my books. I've spent a good 4 years creating,testing and perfecting my recipes so i promise you, you won't be disappointed.


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