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Welcome to Sugar Free ME.... a self help site for those that want to eat healthier, are on restricted diets for conditions such as candida, endimetriosis and diabetes, or those who simply want to eat less sugar, gluten or dairy, but still want to enjoy their food. We aim to help you with gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and yeast free recipes, places to find specialist foods and where to eat out, plus tips and articles on sugar and sugar substitutes. We arent sponsored by any suppliers so any producted that i endorse is because i've actually been there or tried it. 


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We have a free 'cut back on sugar' PDF to get you started and recipe books including our brand newly revised 'Sugar Free ME ...Still'  certified by SugarWise as NO ADDED SUGAR, you can buy via the links below.


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Cut Back on Sugar with us can have your cake and eat it!

I’ve just bought your book Sugarfree ME. It’s great by the way – I cooked loads of recipes from it over Christmas. My Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without it – I could actually eat!!!


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