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In 2012, having suffered with extreme bloating, fatigue and constant colds I decided to go for an allergy test. I was diagnosed with having high levels of candida. Candida is present in all of our bodies but after a dose of antibiotics, a hectic adrenaline filled lifestyle and a bit too much sugar my body had way too much. This was causing me to feel miserable.

With the help of an amazing nutritionist, I set about starving my candida back down to normal levels. This meant cutting out sugars, starches, gluten, dairy, caffeine/ tannine and yeast whilst taking supplements designed to kill the candida and keep my vitamin and mineral levels balanced.


The first two months were really tough. Not only did I have to deal with the candida die off, but I also had withdrawal symptoms from the stimulants and sugars that my body was used to. I obsessed by foods I couldn't eat which just made me feel miserable. After wallowing in self pity for a while I decided to change my mindset and focus on all the good stuff I could eat!  Is also turned out that i have endimetriosis a condition where sugar can exacerbate the symptoms by disrupting your hormonal balance. So i had to make a significant life change. This is when my book started.


I found, while there are websites for natural sugar recipes, gluten free recipes, and/or dairy free recipes there weren't really many that covered the whole lot. So that is what I have set out to do. I wanted to give those like me, who need to cut out those foods the chance to enjoy food again.


I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor and for over 17 years have been helping people get fit and lose fat. It seems only fitting that I want to bring my ideas and recipes not just to those on special diets, but to the general population too. We are a nation of excessive sugar consumers, with reduced levels of activity compared to our ancestors. I think we could all benefit from a litlle less sugar in our diets. Especially refined, mass produced carbohydrates such as white rice and wheat. I really want my site and book to appeal to the masses and so decided to test all my recipes on 'sugar eaters'. My thought process was that If those that still eat sugar found the dishes tasty, they would probably appeal to everyone interested in healthier eating.


It's been 7 years since I started and I feel great! My immune system is much stronger and I have lost a stone in body fat which has never slipped back on. I've also rediscovered a love of cooking and creating new recipes. Even though my candida is under control I don't think I'll ever eat the way I used to eat before. With so many new healthy delicious recipes to find why would I want to........?


Throughout this process ive been supported by my partner Sid Betty, Precision Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. I cant emphasize how much this helped, by eating the same as me, or eating the foods i couldnt eat out of the house, trying to cook exciting foods when my range was extemely limited. So if you are embarking on the journey get someone involved its so much more fun and theyll benefit from getting healthier too!


Yes I have studued nutrition as part of my personal training course and yes i believe i eat well. But let's be clear, I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying these recipes will cure any illnesses. Cooking and eating this way has improved the quality of my life and helped me to lose my unhealty excess body fat long term, and it could help you too. Always seek professional medical advice if you are unwell, but also be aware of how your dietary habits can affect your physical and emotional health.


Alison Beadle

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