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One of the reactions I get when talking about gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast free cooking is 'where do you get the ingredients' or 'isn't it hard to find ....'. So here's where I find what I need.  You can find in many local health food shops but if you don't have time to get there here's where you can get it online. If you do have any other great sites please do let me know and i'll checkout and post.

A whole variety of gluten, dairy, sugar free products. Amazing gluten free pasta.

I find I can pretty much everything including chestnut flour from here and their delivery is quick.

Believe it or not I can most of my key staples such as Xylitol, coconut oil, coconut milk, gluten free flour etc from here. The only thing I haven't found is chestnut flour. Includes Co Yo coconut yoghurt and Willies 100% chocolate (although they only stock one type, if you want one of the many other delicious varierties use the link below)

Fine diabetic chocolate made with stevia, 100% chocolate buttons and they do the best sugar, dairy, gluten free hot chocolate in their cafe.

Vegan and sugar free protein powders. I get my pumpkin seed protein powder from them.

100% pure chocolate responsibly sourced and produced

SMBS Foods, East Dulwich: a good range of all things gluten, dairy and yeast free

Food hall sells a multitude of freefrom products. I've tried Gluten Free scotch eggs and pork pies. Oh so nice. The dairy, sugar, yeast free scones are also delicious.

Health Matters, East Dulwich: good for basic stock up of products, aslo have a great natural health range.

Suma Wholesale: Get a trade account and bulk buy. You save loads!

Most things can be found here but they dont stock liquid aminos and vegetable bouillon. Also have sugar free chocolate which is O.K.

A wide range of alternative foods and the best range of sugar free quick snacks. Stocks Ugg foods Paleo cake mixes which are fab.

Mr Singhs Punjable Pesto: Really good sugar free, no nasties. Great quick dinner thrown in with chickpeas and spinach.

K Libereto and Daughters, Wood Vale, SE23

Absolutely brilliant shop full of great products. The only down side is you go in for a tub of guacamole (Holy Moley Guacamole) and some bean chips (Beanitos) and come out having bought half the shop.

The best avocado mayo, and in several flavours, My favourite is the lime and chilli.

Delicious no added sugar or agave or coconut nectar...but butter blends. Ive tried coconut and macademia and praline. Both absolutely wonderful.

The best gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast free bread. Made from gluten free oats and seeds they have a great variety to choose from and they are all delicious!


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