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We like to get feedback so we know we are on the right track, and so we can make the next book even better. Here's a few snippets:


I would like to say I was browsing through your book and found it very interesting and useful as I suffer from Reactive Hypoglycaemia. I have only been suffering from it for just over 3yrs now and it has taken me a long time to adjust to the restriction on the foods that I can eat ( I can only have 5g or less of sugar in 100g).

It appears in this country there is very little with regards websites etc. but have had to turn to the USA for cook books etc.    Having seen some of your recipes though has renewed my interest in food!.



Bought the book and absolutely loved it. I am highly allergic to wheat, gluten and dairy and I am trying cut out refined sugar of my diet too, hence this book is perfect for me. 

I have a very sweet tooth too and especially love the cake and desert section. 

All recipes are easy to understand and follow and most importantly, you wouldn't be able to tell that all are gluten, sugar and dairy free.

I can highly recommend this book to everybody. 

Charlotte Zimbehl


Thank you for taking the time to speak to me yesterday, I feel more optimistic now!



I’ve just bought your book Sugarfree ME. It’s great by the way – I cooked loads of recipes from it over Christmas. My Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without it – I could actually eat!!!



Spent the evening baking the lemon and ginger drizzle cake and the coconut and almond macaroons from your recipe book, amazing! So happy! Thank you!


This week I made the Crumpets and Macaroons from your book, and they were delicious. The macaroons were so easy to make and taste like heaven having been on the candida diet for 5 months now. Thank you!

Laura Jane Scott




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